As a small business owner, have you ever heard this?

‘I’ll get back to you’.

In my 6 years of running a Virtual Assistant/Copywriting business, I’ve come to realise that these 5 little words (and they really are little, little words) can have so many different meanings. I’m sure you’ve all said it at some stage in your small business journey. I’ve said it on behalf of a client…

But guess what – I really don’t like these 5 little words! I won’t say I hate them, as it’s mean to hate words when you’re a copywriter, but I’m not a fan. And no, it’s not just because I’m a tad quirky, I do have valid reasons…

So here’s what I’ve come to learn about the words, ‘I’ll get back to you’ when it relates to your small business:

  • I’ll get back to you (and they really do)
  • I was really just being curious as you’re my ‘competition’ and I wanted to see what you offer
  • I wanted to see what you’d recommend
  • You’ve given me enough information to try this myself (score for me!)
  • I was interested but when I found out how much you charge, I really don’t want to spend money on my business
  • I’ve received other quotes and I’ve chosen to go another way but don’t want to tell you
  • I was kicking tyres and wasting time so thought I’d waste yours too
  • I really do want to work with you, but I don’t have the funds so I’ll save up and be in contact

One thing I’m a big fan of in business is honesty. It’s always been my policy. What’s that saying, ‘Honesty is the best policy’?

How about saying, ‘Thanks for taking the time to chat to me, to email me (whatever it may be) however I’ve decided that I can’t afford your services at this stage of my business’. Or ‘Thanks for taking the time to respond to me, however I’ve found another service provider that I’ve decided to go with this time’.

As a business owner, I’d much prefer to know than to be left in limbo, wondering if I’m meant to follow up, or whether that will bug the person as they really don’t want to hear back from me…

And did you know that sometimes, if you’re honest in your response, especially when it comes to pricing, that some fellow business owners can work out some sweet deals with you?

So next time you go to use the saying, ‘I’ll get back to you’, think about how you could really, honestly word this sentence.

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